My Inner Toddler

I’m currently sitting in class watching a professor sweat himself. I think he noticed that he made the class laugh at his lack of preparedness, but as he continues to reiterate this fact, my very “type A” class is beginning to squirm. His PowerPoint is a plain white screen with black print, indicative of it’s creation the night before, aside from the bright red type where he meant to add notes prior to class.

I understand our professors are doctors outside of class, but if I were to come to class like this, I’d never make it to the next year.

While I’m more prepared than he was today, I still have room for improvement. I’m always telling myself I’m going to work to be more organized, healthier, more efficient. But it’s as if I have an inner toddler who comes out throughout the day (usually when I need a nap) that tells me it’s okay to eat ice cream as an appetizer and watch Netflix for three hours. You deserve it.

Does anyone else ever feel like they have an inter toddler?


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