Insignificant Infuriating Incident

I haven’t written much lately and it’s only hurting myself. I love to write as a way of reflecting and organizing my feelings, or sometimes just to vent.


Tonight I am mad. My boyfriend lives with me now and it has been pretty smooth so far, but it’s easy when his friends are far away. One came to visit this weekend thinking he wants to come to OSU for grad school so of course he’s staying here. He’s my boyfriend’s best friend and I can’t stand him.


He’s not a bad person, I don’t have a strong reason for disliking him, but day one before I even said a word to him, my stomach turned against him. I secretly hoped he was just the roommate, but no – he was the best friend.


I’m very uncomfortable around him since he told me that by dating Jeff, I was taking away from his college experience and dampening his good time. He also made some comments about me taking Jeff away when he moved out here from Albany, NY. Clearly, I’ve been blackmailing Jeff and he has no choice in our relationship. Clearly.


But he is Jeff’s best friend and therefor I must play nice. So when Jeff wanted him to stay, I said yes, of course. When Jeff would be at work when said best friend came to town, I agreed to be home to meet him and take him to dinner. But at the end of the night he stayed at the bar while Jeff finished his shift and I went home to sleep. Until 1:30am that is.


Around this time, they came in loud and laughing and started playing music. I heard my neighbors waking up (the walls are paper thin). I listened to them criticize the artwork I had made and hung to surprise Jeff. And then I heard them take a drag.


I am 100% anti-tobacco. If you want to kill yourself on a cancer stick, please take it outside. After texting Jeff multiple times so as to avoid losing my cool in front of his friend, but receiving no reply, I got up and went to the kitchen. I quickly and sharply informed them they were loud, to take down the damn art if it’s that bad, and to please not smoke in my apartment.


They took it outside my door for and hour before returning, Jeff to our bedroom and best friend to the pullout couch. Best friend could be heard pulling a drag and coughing until Jeff told him to stop, only after I threatened to kill best friend before the cancer stick would. After the world’s shortest discussion, Jeff is now snoring and I’m still angry.


The most important thing to me is validation and if you tell me I have no right to be mad, I’m not getting what I need. So I’m writing to the Internet because I know you, those who make-up the Internet, will do a better job of dissecting and mulling over this insignificant infuriating incident than I can while laying here staring at the ceiling. It’s now 4:15am, I might as well get up and go for a run.


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